A Palette for Color

Cannot deny that I just love using color in my imagery. Big, bold, color. 

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Never say.....

"Never": that is what I told myself in college when confronted with my first interior photography assignment. "Never will I photograph interiors after school. No need. No want. Noway". Now, in my fourth year since graduation (foot fully planted in mouth) I can say I enjoy photographing interiors for several amazing clients in New Orleans. Maybe its the precision, the textures and colors, the calm of having a static subject, or the satisfaction of getting the angle just right. Whatever it is - I keep going back to make more images of interiors spaces with the intention of capturing a feeling and most importantly:  showcasing the work of the talented designers who made it as such.

It all started about a year ago with Logan Killen Interiors  - a boutique interior design studio in New Orleans, and an amazing one at that. The talented team brought me on with full confidence in my ability to do their work justice in a photograph. With a few learning curves, several different lens rentals, and constant mental jogging of my education I now greet the opportunity to capture a space with far less anxiety than one year ago, and far more enthusiastically than three years before that. 


Here are just a few of my favorite images i've created recently for Logan Killen Interiors, Fireside Antiques, & Homegirl Studio.


- Please take the time to click through to each designer's website - they're all wildly talented women living in New Orleans doing great work - 



Lately I have had the great privilege of creating work for brands and companies I believe in. In the end - though the images are products of the needs and vision of the client - I find myself eager to share the work on my platforms. The successful commercial application of my imagery to the satisfaction of my clients is such a great feeling. A big thanks to all of you!


Sunday Shop

Pilot and Powell

Saint Claude