Revisit. Recharge. Refresh.

Hello Big World... It's been a while. 

Spent some time over this third month of the year to re-think, re-organize, and slowly re-build my website. A little space in the digital universe that is home to a selection of images I've created more recently. I've decided to give the images of the past five or so years a rest; we'll see them again soon, but maybe in ink rather than pixels. 

Some things – old & new – that I'm currently stuck on. Enjoy.


Amanda Lyons - Singer Song Writer | Jennie V - Musician | Mary Beth Barone - Comedian

Forgotten Film

The passing of the New Year was a marker of many things - One of these being that for about a year these four rolls of film sat in a tiny box under some papers - exposed but undeveloped. You could call them forgotten, but in truth I knew they were there. I thought about these rolls of film almost once a day each time I passed their resting place, and each time I thought of them I forgot a bit more what was laying on the film. Five days before New Years Eve, I finally dropped off the rolls to be developed at Bennett's Camera - One Kodak TriX 400, one Kodak Portia 400, and two Disposable Cameras.

These are some of my favorites.